It was a good 3 years in the penthouse on Montgomery. 

White Denim - Sex Prayer 

Legit homeless setup in Philadelphia 

Legit homeless setup in Philadelphia 

Alt J - Left Hand Free 

Found me a lucky penny 

Found me a lucky penny 

Took this video at the Piazza in Philadelphia this past summer during one of the USA World Cup games 

What Prism Brewing Co. needs to do in order to be successful

The strategies and objectives for Prism Brewing Co are important to their future growth. Throughout the semester we dissected their brand and crafted up a new approach. Our objectives included finding a new target audience and examining the best media to use in order to effectively reach our audience. Our professor, Nicole Pearse, showed us the path, however, it was on us students to strategically find the best method to reach our audience. All things considered during class and based on research I have devised an advertising plan for Prism Brewery. The plan consists of using three different media vehicles which are social media, radio, and television. With each vehicle I have crafted a special recipe, similarly to how Prism Brewery specially crafts each beer. Overall, my aim is to explain why its the best plan and how I will use this specially crafted recipe in order to effectively reach our target audience. With the 250,000 budget, I am confident that my selected approach will be the best plan for the future growth of Prism Brewery. 

The first ingredient I will implement into my plan is to use social media to push and improve Prism’s message. Based on research, the overall consensus regarding Prism was strongly positive. For instance on Yelp, elite member Tara G writes, “This place is everything I could ever want or dream of in a bar. Amazing beers- Love is Evol, Bitto Honey and Red Zone are some of my faves.” People enjoy their rotating draft list, growing food menu, and delicious beer. These strong reviews were persistent throughout Yelp. I then turned my focus onto their Facebook audience. I decided to steer away from other social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram, though, both are still vital vehicles to drive Prism’s future growth. With that in mind, I decided that it would be better to push their message through Facebook because their audience of 4,616 is more than the number of followers on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, I decided to use Facebook because its platform allows for a variety of different content like longer messages, videos, and is better when it comes to keeping the audience informed about upcoming events. The problem is that their engagement with its users is limited visually and ascetically. Majority of Prism’s Facebook feed is scattered with low-quality photos, followed by a bulk of bland upcoming event information. In my previous paper, I had argued that it would be a good idea to spend a significant amount of the budget on hiring an intern who specializes in social media as well as buying a quality camera to improve their pictures. People relate to images and if your images are blurry like Prisms’ then who will want to taste its beer. The perceived notion will then be that their beer has a blurry taste.  Moreover, my vision is to create synergy between traditional media and social media to drive growth. Posting to Facebook clippings of Prism being mentioned by a magazine or in an excerpt in a newspaper appeals to the older audience in our target. There is no doubt that traditional media is not as powerful as it once was, however, I believe that it is important to create a close relationship between these two medias. Facebook allows you to promote your brand. The power of Facebook and small business advertising is exhibited in the article Can Facebook Win Over Small Business Advertisers? from WebProNews the author states;

“Martinovic is one of Facebook’s most successful small business advertisers,” the Fortune article goes. “She once paid thousands of dollars to put ads in local papers and have her business featured on the tourists maps the town produced. But in the past year, she’s quit all that. Instead, she budgets $5 a day on Facebook, and a couple times a week she invests $40-60 on a boost.” She makes $23 for every $1 spent on the site, and saw a 30% jump in sales since using Facebook, it says.

Nowadays Facebook and small businesses go hand in hand. According to the website AllFacebook, the Philadelphia region alone has 2,875,040 Facebook users. If you add up the selected target we picked for Prism Brewing Co. the number of users they can reach is close to 1.2 million in the Philadelphia region. Research has shown that just by spending 5 dollars a day on Facebook can increase your sales by 30 percent. To end, Prism can send ripples through the beer industry in the Philadelphia region by following the suggestions I advised.

The second ingredient I have stirred into my recipe to expand Prism Brewery’s growth is through radio. I decided to use radio because there is a large reach and I wanted to target our psychographic. The strategy I have developed is a combination of reaching the most amount of people in the Philadelphia region while targeting specific stations that are more prone to be beer drinkers. Buying time slots on WMMR during the Preston and Steve show satisfies the large reach I aimed for. Moreover, I decided to have them do a live read on air because they are trusted. On the contrary, the radio station WXPN hosts a variety of events and streams its radio throughout the Philadelphia region. WXPN has a national reputation with sister stations scattered throughout the U.S. including my good friends in Seattle at KEXP.  According to WXPNs Business Support Benefits they state that their audience demographics are “ Well-educated, affluent and influential individuals who are hard to reach through traditional media.” This statement goes hand in hand with our target audience at Prism Brewing Co. This is the best plan because it is well balanced which I believe is key when it comes to advertising and life. On one side of the spectrum I am reaching a large audience with Preston and Steve. There audience is right in our demographic and the time slot matches up with research. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, the research they have collected breaks down the time-slots our demographic listens to the most. Their research breaks it down like this; 80% from 6am-10am, 85.3% from 10am-3pm, 86.3% from 3pm-7pm, 64% from 7pm-12am, and 28.8% from 12am-6am. On the other side of the spectrum, WXPN appeals to our psychographic of well-educated affluent and influent individuals. WXPN does things differently just like Prism. Advertising with WXPN is more than just money and a time-slot, it is a valued relationship which is why this approach is better than any others. WXPN is involved in the music and beer scene, the relationship with these two brands is undoubtedly influential for both parties. 

The final ingredient to effectively expand Prism’s message is through television. I decided to use television because it has the largest reach, more than any other vehicle. For this reason, I went H.A.M. on television. I researched where and what our target was watching and bought slots accordingly. I decided to buy network spots as opposed to Spot TV and Cable because there is more leverage and a higher reach when it comes to advertising. The best spot I bought was during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Their network is weird and hip, shows on Adult Swim illuminate the culture and psychographics our approach is aimed towards. Moreover, the return of the show “The Boondocks” (10:30 p.m.) sent ripples through the network. It achieved year-to-year double-digit growth among all key adults and men demos – ranging between 19% and 60%. In addition, I successfully reached our female audience by buying slots on the network E! It is important that there was a “!” in the last sentence because that is a big deal. Television has the highest reach, the implications of using this vehicle as a means to advertise your service or product is astounding. Advertising via Networks as opposed to cable shows eliminates the fragmented viewing, high clutter, and limited ratings information. By switching to network television, I have successfully reached a broad audience, the environment is credible and exciting, and is an excellent medium for direct response advertisers. Millions of televisions are scattered throughout our country. People are tuned in and accept the ads, whereas, some try to eliminate seeing advertisements by recording shows before hand. For the most part, people do not have the time or patience to do this. For this reason, using television to advertise is effective and has an incredible reach. Buying spots on Cartoon Network, E!, NBC, and TNT have virtually covered our entire demographic. In the end, with this strategy, Prism Brewing Co. will successfully reach its selected target.

All things considered, I am confident that Prism Brewing Co. will be successful in growing their audience by following my plan. I decided not to use other media because I believe they are outdated and does not correlate with the Prism brand. In the beginning of the class I examined the outline and looked at social media as an opportunity - the core for my future plan. Facebook is the core of their business. It is the key to its business. I used Facebook as the core of my future plan and turned the key. By studying Prism’s content online, speaking with employees on the phone, and interacting with them at the Yardley Beer Festival I was able to craft up a special recipe. At first, I did not understand what this brewery was trying to do but now I get it. The demographic we selected was spot on and the vehicles I used to push their message matched up perfectly with our psychographic. Radio pleases the ears, social media displays Prism’s inner workings, and television visually communicates their colorful fun tasting beer that urges our audience to go out and try its beauty. This past weekend at the Yardley Beer Fest synergy for me happened. All of this research and hard work finally paid off when I tasted their ParTea Pale Ale. There is something magnetic about Prism, maybe it is because they were giving out magnets as souvenirs. Instead, I believe it is Prism’s variety that is magnetic. Prism hints at its colorful vision through its logo, it was there from the start. Prism truly is a beer for everyone, as my Dad says, “Variety is the spice to life.” Prism Brewery adds a variety of spices in all of its beer, it puts life into beer. 

Left this algae plant out the entire summer on the 4th story ledge, it turned pink

Left this algae plant out the entire summer on the 4th story ledge, it turned pink

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